my story

I began my love for making videos when I was in the 4th grade with a cringey YouTube channel, a group full of tortured friends who would be forced to act in front of my camera, and a heart with a dream to one day make it on the big screen. Almost every other year, I upgraded video cameras to improve the look of my films.

cringy videos

My dream of becoming a movie director changed to becoming a videographer. I filmed my first wedding video 5 years ago and taught myself how to edit footage with Adobe Premiere. Junior year of high school, one of my best friends and I (shoutout to Ashten Moss) created a music video for our favorite band, Panic! at the Disco, flew to New York City and ended up winning a Teen Indie Award at the All American High School Film Festival. I have been filming wedding videos ever since. 

My passion for photography began when I was gifted my first camera at 13 years old. My only clients were my friends and my pets, but nonetheless I used every opportunity to teach myself how to work a camera, how to pose my subjects, and how to edit the final shots. I learn more and more each year about photography and I am finally at the point where I love both filming and taking pictures equally. 

I threw myself into the film conversion hobby when I found boxes of 8mm reels in my grandmother’s closet that have not seen the light of day in over 20 years. They held footage of my grandfather who had passed long before I was born, which was enough for me to learn on the spot how to clean, trim, cut, and load film into a projector. After finally seeing my grandfather who I had longed to meet my entire life, I immediately ordered a film conversion machine to make sure that those memories would never be hidden away in a closet again. 

My senior year of high school, I had to raise money for a physics space camp trip. I decided to offer to convert people’s VHS tapes and 8mm reels to DVDs in return for money for the trip. I made the amount needed and people continued to ask if I would keep converting, so I upgraded machines and continue to convert all formats of home movies to DVD format. 

I now do photography, videography, video conversions, music transfers, and slideshow creations in order to help pay for my college education. I named by little business "Pics by Paige" to sound cute and catchy, but I obviously love to do so many more things than just taking pics. My passion has always been to capture memories and I hope this website shows you just how much I love it.