Thanksgiving day mini sessions

scroll down to read ALL of the info and to find the sign-up link at the bottom!

What is included in my unedited album?

The unedited photos will be uploaded to one giant folder from the entire day. This makes it so much faster for me to send out your photos so you can choose them! The unedited photos cannot be downloaded and will have a watermark on them. The watermark can not be removed. These are your “proofs” and not full-resolution images. Once you are sent the unedited folder from your session day, you are able to choose the photos that you want edited…

When will i be sent my edited folder?

Your edited photos will be uploaded to a separate folder on my website and it sill be your own personal folder. It will be uploaded 2-3 weeks after your chosen edited photos list is given to me. If you need your album within the week that you have chosen your edits, there will be a charge of $100. If you need your photos within 3 days, there will be a charge of $200. If you need them the day-of, there will be a charge of $350.

What if I want more edited photos than what is given in the package that I choose?

You are welcome to choose as many photos as you want for me to edit. Each additional photo that you choose over the amount that is included in your package is $5.00 extra.

I will always confirm with you the number of edited photos that you choose, because you might accidentally hit the heart on some photos that you did not want. Afterwards, if you choose 10 extra photos (for example), I will ask you to pay $50.00 before sending you those extra edited photos.

When do I get my edited photos back? How do I choose my edits?

The unedited photo folder from your session day will be uploaded 2-4 days after your session. Click on the link that I text/email you. You will enter your email and all of the photos will appear.

I recommend viewing and choosing your photos on a computer and not your phone!

At the top of each photo, you will see the icons below

Click the “heart” icon to add the photo to your list of photos that you want me to edit and enter your email address when it asks you for it. YOU MUST TEXT ME “DONE” WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR EDITS LIST SO I KNOW WHEN TO START WORKING ON THEM. MY NUMBER IS 870-456-0656

YOUR UNEDITED FOLDER WILL BE DELETED AFTER 30 DAYS. If your folder needs to be re-uploaded there will be a $25 fee to re-upload for 30 extra days. If you are out of town after your session and unable to choose your photos, please let me know the date that you would like me to upload for the first time and then your 30 days will start.


Time: 20 minutes long

Photo count that YOU get to choose: 10 edited photos

Price: $221.00 (includes sales tax)

Payment options: cash, check, or square via debit/credit card (I cannot accept venmo or cashapp)

Location: Ulm, AR (when you sign up you will be sent a pin to your phone number a few days before your session)

if you have any questions or problems please text me at 870-456-0656