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SPRING/easter MINIS 2022

Due to safety concerns, Bubbles and Thumper cannot be held for photos. They are much larger than they were last year. Their claws are sharp and they sometimes bite when they are scared. They will be out in their pin for you to pet through the gate (if they are in the mood to be petted lol). You can learn more about them if you scroll to the very bottom of this page!

The location of the minis will be texted to you!

sessions are 20 minutes long

  • price: $110 (sales tax included)
  • all scenes
  • access to all unedited photos taken during the session (downloads will have watermarks)
  • choice of 20 edited photos
  • pets are welcome!

Session payment is accepted with cash, check, or Square with your debit/credit card. *There is a 3.5% processing fee when using Square* 




4:30-4:50 Shannon Williams

5:00-5:20 Lee Hoskyn

5:30-5:50 Sarah Strabala

6:00-6:20 Alexis Yancey


Thumper + Bubbles

Thumper is my brown rabbit. He is rambunctious and energetic and loves to be petted between his ears and underneath his double chin. He loves to climb on top of things and eat CONSTANTLY. He has a rather large butt because of this and is almost too big for his XL litter box.

Bubbles is my white fluffy rabbit. She has the attitude of a spoiled teenager. When things don't go her way, she has a fit and throws her food bowl and bed at you. She also bites you just for her amusement. Nevertheless, when she is in a good mood, she can actually be very cuddly and sweet.

I started out my Easter minis thinking that I was going to just "rent" Thumper and Bubbles for a few days for the sessions and find them loving homes afterwards...that "loving home" became my own. I became attached to them after the first day and the rest was history. I am pretty sure they are the most spoiled rabbits in the entire world.