I am so happy that you are standing by my side on my wedding day. I will in no way whatsoever be upset if you decide that going on the bach trip is too expensive or too close to wedding day to be able to take off and decide not to come. These are the only dates that halloween events are happening, other than opening weekend (the weekend before), which is HELL and super busy and more expensive- so it has to be this group of dates.

These prices are a rough estimate calculated from the previous 2 years. The actual cost might be slightly different for 2025. The only thing we can actually book today is the hotel stay. The tickets for the halloween events will be on sale in April-June of 2025.

What's the plan?

I made this page so you can vote what works best for you if you want to come! I know not everyone's vibe is spooky and rollercoasters, so I wanted to explain what everything is, the cost, and what there is to do at each event! At the end of the page, I want you to fill out a quetionaire form about what you would be interested in going to (or open to trying), and who you would want to room with!! I am going to include 2024 costs as well so you can know a ballpark on the price of everything!

You can come and do both halloween events, do one of the halloween events, or do no halloween events and just go out to eat and swim at the pool and go shopping! You can also uber to Disney Springs (it's free to go) and shop and eat there if you and/or a buddy wanted to do the same things! I just want everyone to have a good time and we can be together certain times of the day or ALL day!!


The Dates

I am trying to decide if Thursday-Sunday, Thursday-Monday, Friday-Sunday, or Friday- Monday works best for people that need to not take off a ton for work, or for people that don't want to feel like they might want to stay longer and do as much as they can. My current plan is to fly in on Wednesday, September 10th and stay until Monday the 15th. If anyone would want to come early or stay late than the scheduled "itinerary" you can stay with me for free in my room on the extra days!

The only 2 events that I know 10000% sure I will want to do on the normal schedule are Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (yes it's actually called that) and Halloween Horror Nights...

The possible schedules are


  • Thursday: travel day - go out to eat and shop
  • Friday: Mickey's Halloween Party
  • Saturday: HHN
  • Sunday: Travel day - fly home


  • Friday: travel day - go out to eat and shop
  • Saturday: HHN
  • Sunday: Mickey's Halloween Party
  • Monday: Travel day - fly home


  • Thursday: travel day - go out to eat and shop
  • Friday: Mickey's Halloween Party
  • Saturday: break day OR do a normal theme park day
  • Sunday: HHN
  • Monday: Travel day - fly home


  • Wednesday: travel day - go out to eat and shop
  • Thursday: Normal theme park day
  • Friday: HHN or Mickey's Halloween Party
  • Saturday: Normal theme park day
  • Sunday: HHN or Mickey's Halloween Party
  • Monday: Travel day - fly home

Getting there...

My favorite place to fly into MCO is Memphis because it is a direct flight and cheaper than Little Rock, Tulsa, or XNA (in my past experiences). I have flown out of Memphis probably 10 times in the past 5 years and I have felt safe every time parking and navigating the way to the airport by myself.

I also always fly Southwest because they are usually cheaper and you get a carry-on, personal item, and two big checked bags included in your ticket. Everyone knows I am a high-maintenance girly and not a light packer.

If you want to drive it is a 13.5 hour drive from Stuttgart. There is also a daily parking fee at the hotel that I am not sure of the cost of. I have never driven, but it will save you $$$ if you don't mind road trips!!

The cost for my southwest flight (2 bags included) this year from MEM to MCO round-trip and nonstop flight with tax included was $322

The Hotel

Cabana Bay Beach Resort

I will be paying $100 toward your hotel room! So subtract $100 from these prices below.

This is a retro hotel with some of the best pricing and quality for room options. We have these options for rooms...

OPTION #1: 3 regular rooms $201.50 per person (sales tax is already included)

  • 4 people per room
  • everyone has a bed buddy (2 queen beds)
  • smaller rooms - no extras

OPTION #2: 3 family suite rooms $248.75 per person (sales tax is already included)

  • 4 people per room
  • 2 queen beds and 1 full pull bed
  • living room
  • kitchenette
  • 2 sinks to get ready

These prices are the same for Thursday Sept. 11th - Sunday Sept. 14th AND Friday Sept. 12th - Monday Sept. 15th

This hotel is on property, so we will have free transportation to Universal City Walk (the restaurants and bar areas that merge into the theme parks and HHN).

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

This happens only on Fridays and Sundays. It is at Magic Kingdom- the OG Florida Disney park. It has a ton of rides that everyone can ride. Even pregnant people!! (if any of you hoes are pregneante when we go...)

It is a giant costume party with trick or treating and minimal ride waits. They only sell a certain amount of tickets for each event. There are also parades and character meet and greets:)

You will feel like a CHILD but it is so cute and fun.

Perfect for if spooky is not your vibe and if thrill rides aren't your vibe - but there are also roller coasters for those that love them!

We have to uber there.

Price: $119 plus tax (2023)

Halloween Horror Nights

This happens Wednesday - Sunday. It is at Universal Studios. It has half of the park open for rides. Men in Black (shooter game everyone can ride), Transformers (simulator ride - might get motion sick but not intense), Harry Potter's Gringots (smaller roller coaster), The Mummy (mid-intense rollercoaster), Rip Ride Rocket (intense rollercoaster),

There are 10 haunted houses (they are not allowed to touch or grab you) , 5 scare zones (themed sections where people walk around and spook ya), food booths, drink booths, a water show, and a vegas-style stunt and dance show.

This is spooky and more intense.

Perfect for if you ain't afraid.

There is a free shuttle since we are staying on Universal property, so you can go back and forth to the hotel if you feel like you need a break or don't want to stay until 2am.

Price: $80 plus sales tax (extra $40 if you want to get in early) (2023)

I am looking into possibly buying express passes for those who wants to do all of the haunted houses so we don't have to wait in the long lines**

Extras Option if you wanted to do more and stay longer...

I know it's expensive as shit. I'm just listing the pricing if you wanted to do a normal Disney Day or Universal Day on the last day or day before if you wanted to come early or stay an extra day!!!

Disney Day with park hopper to do all 4 parks (Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom) with Genie+ (to skip lines): approx. $257 with sales tax included

Universal and Islands of Adventure Day with no line skip: approx. $212 with sales tax included

Give me opinions...