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  • price: $5 per small reel, $10 per large reel
  • each dvd holds 30 to 60 minutes of footage depending on the edited video file size and the actual size of the reel
  • multiple reels (usually 2 to 3) are placed onto one DVD depending on how much editing is required for the film to look its best
  • the film is ran through a digital machine, meaning that there is no risk of the film burning due to the high-temperature bulb of a reel player
  • each DVD can be labeled to match the name of the reel or can be left blank for you to label yourself
  • DVDs come in clear DVD cases or a DVD folder depending on how large the order is

I threw myself into the film conversion hobby when I found boxes of 8mm reels in my grandmother’s closet that have not seen the light of day in over 20 years. They held footage of my grandfather who had passed long before I was born, which was enough for me to learn on the spot how to clean, trim, cut, and load film into a projector. After finally seeing my grandfather who I had longed to meet my entire life, I immediately ordered a film conversion machine to make sure that those memories would never be hidden away in a closet again. 

reel footage

rescue priceless memories