Thank you SO much for choosing me to be your senior photographer!

You are heading into a new chapter in your adventure and it is so so exciting! I believe that senior sessions are some of the most important photos that you will ever take because they preserve such an important and big change in your life. You will look back at these pictures and cherish all of the memories that came with taking them. You have accomplished so much and now it is finally time to celebrate- so pop that champagne and throw that confetti! (if you're into that sort of thing)

This session is all about YOU! I want you to feel perfect in your photos, so I always allow you to look at my camera to make sure we have the shot before we move onto the next outfit or location. I allow you to pick and choose which photos you would like me to edit and take input on how you want me to edit them. You get to choose the coloring style and specify what you would like edited out of your photo.

What is included with every senior photography package?

With every package, you will receive ALL of the unedited photos taken during the session. The unedited photos cannot be downloaded and will have a watermark on them. The watermark will not be removed. These are your “proofs” and not full-resolution images. Once you are sent your unedited folder, you are able to choose the photos that you want edited…

When do I get my photos back? How do I choose my edits?

Your unedited photo folder will be uploaded 3-5 days after your session. Click on the link that I text or email you. You will enter your password and all of the photos will appear.

I recommend viewing and choosing your photos on a computer.

At the top of each photo, you will see the icons below

Click the “heart” icon to add the photo to your list of photos that you want me to edit and enter your email address when it asks you for it. YOU MUST TEXT ME “DONE” WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR EDITS LIST SO I KNOW WHEN TO START WORKING ON THEM.

YOUR UNEDITED FOLDER WILL BE DELETED AFTER 30 DAYS. If your folder needs to be re-uploaded there will be a $25 fee to re-upload for 30 extra days. If you are out of town after your shoot and unable to choose your photos, please let me know the date that you would like me to upload for the first time and then your 30 days will start.

When will I be sent my edited folder?

Your edited photos will be uploaded to a separate folder on my website. They will be uploaded 3-4 weeks after your chosen edited photos list is given to me. If you need your photos within the week, there will be a charge of $100. If you need your photos within 2 days, there will be a charge of $200. If you need them the day-of, there will be a charge of $350.

What if I want more edited photos than what is given in the package that I choose?

You are welcome to choose as many photos as you want for me to edit. Each additional photo that you choose over the amount that is included in your package is $5.00 extra.

I will always confirm with you the number of edited photos that you choose, because you might accidentally hit the heart on some photos that you did not want. Afterwards, if you choose 10 extra photos (for example), I will ask you to pay $50.00 before sending you those extra edited photos.


No. I do not release unedited photos. You may screenshot the proof with the watermark if you want to!

Does my cap and gown count as one outfit?

No! Your outfit is what is underneath your cap and gown. Cap and gowns are included with all packages and do not count as a singular outfit- it is just an accessory!

Do you provide champagne/confetti?

No. You are responsible for bringing your own champagne, confetti, or other props if you would like to use them for your session!

Where do I meet you? Where do I park?

On the questionnaire form that I send you, there is a place to tell me where you want to meet and start taking photos at your first location.

I usually park at the Inn at Carnall Hall and walk from there. It is the closest free parking spot to Old Main. I have asked the front desk MULTIPLE times if they ticket and they always tell me it is not a problem to park there as long as it isn’t overnight. That being said, if anything changes where they no longer allow this, I will try to update you ASAP that you need to pay to park somewhere. You can always pay to park on the street in front of Old Main to play it safe!

social media

I post stories on my Instagram/Facebook stories and sometimes make full posts on my social media feed. If you are not comfortable with me posting your photos, that is TOTALLY okay! These are your photos. Please tell me and I will not post them. If you do not let me know after the end of the session before we leave campus, I will assume that you do not have a problem with me posting.

I will tag you if you follow me on insta @pics.bypaige