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Studio Allegro DANCE PHOTOS 2022

Hello Everyone!

My name is Paige Seidenschwarz. I was a Studio Allegro dancer for 14 years. I’m currently finishing up my first year as a full-time photographer and videographer in Fayetteville.

I took dance photos last year and I am so excited to be back!

Photos will be taken at Studio 1 during May 25th, 26th, and 27th from 3:30pm-7:00pm


A few days after the 27th, you will be sent a link with the unedited photos of your dancer. You choose a specific number of photos to be edited depending on which package that you choose by clicking the heart above each photo that you want edited.

When you have finished choosing your photos, please text me at 870-456-0656 to let me know that you have finished so I know when to start editing!

Your edited photos will be sent back to you in a separate folder 3-4 weeks after you have sent me your “done” text!

A print release form will be included with each package, so you will be able to take your photos to any printing establishment of your choice.


I will give the poses to your dancer, but they can also choose to use some of their own poses that they used in their dances this year to make their session more memorable. I remember loving some of the poses from my recital dances- it makes for a fun way to remember some of your favorite dances when you get older.


*Each extra edited photo is $5 per photo

Cash or check only please- I cannot accept Venmo or Cash App

Package 1:

·     1 costume

·     10 edited photos

·     $100

Package 2:

·     2 costumes

·     20 edited photos

·     $150

Package 3:

·     3 costumes

·     30 edited photos

·     $200

Group Package:

·     1 costume

·     10 edited photos total

·     $100

(add a costume for $50 and get 10 extra edits)