How to select your photos for me to edit...

Step #1: Scroll down this page to find your last name and the photo amount that you can select based on which package you purchased.

Step #2: Click on the link under the list that your name is on.

Step #3: Find your last name at the top of the page on the album that you selected and click on it.

Step #4: Start clicking the heart on your favorite photos. It will prompt you to enter an email to create your "favorites" list that you can add and subtract from.

Step #5: When you are happy with your list, please click "send to photographer" AND text me at 870-456-0656 that you are done. I will not begin editing your photos until you have texted me!

May 30th

Hosman - 20 photos

Tarkington - 10 photos

Hord - 20 photos

Group (Ward) - 10 photos

McClain - 10 photos

Ward - 10 photos

Harrison - 10 photos

May 31st

Moore - 20 photos

Walker - 20 photos

Boling - 10 photos

Howell - 20 photos

Richards - 10 photos

Clayton - 20 photos

Coleman - 10 photos

Brewer - 10 photos

June 1st

Williams - 20 photos

Holladay - 10 photos

Tolliver - 10 photos