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Slideshow types: formals, recitals, birthdays, graduations, memorials...

Slideshow prices begin at $50. Photos can be digital or printed and MUST be sent to me at least 1 month before the date of the event that the slideshow is needed for. Price will increase to $200 if it is a large group slideshow (but will not exceed $200) -depending on the number of photos and videos included in the slideshow and if the photos are not turned in before the due date. You can inform me of the number of photos/videos you want in the slideshow and I will give you a price.

*If you are looking for wedding/rehearsal dinner slideshows, please go to the weddings page*

Songs can be chosen for the background music, or if you want me to decide I will! Photos can also be switched for videos if they are sent digitally to me. If you would like a VHS or other home movie format (other than digital) to be added to the slideshow, a $5 fee will be added for every video I have to convert.

Slideshow videos will be sent via a downloadable link. Just download to your computer to play at the reception. If you need help doing this I can send you a tutorial video!