I am so excited and honored!

Thank you so very much for trusting me to capture your special day! I am truly so thrilled to work with you and your fiancé!

I created this page to give you more detailed information about EVERYTHING just so you can have it in writing.

Deposit Payment

There are two ways to pay your retainer.

The first is to mail a check to PO BOX 151 Ulm, AR 72170 written to "Pics by Paige S."

The second is to pay with a debit or credit card. There will be a 3.5% processing fee added onto the deposit amount.

Editing Style

I have two different styles of editing! I edit to my client's preference. The options are light and airy (the most requested for weddings) and muted/editorial editing (more dramatic- think VOGUE style and serious)

Motion Book Option

Along with an online gallery, you can choose to have your wedding photos sent to you on a Motion Book. You can watch your day in order as a slideshow while listening to your favorite songs that were incorporated during your special day. It is a perfect decoration for your coffee table or bookshelf to bring out to enjoy whenever you want.

Prices: $300 for normal design or $400 for custom

*prices include the service fee of creating the slideshow for the Motion Book, but does not include sales tax.



  • $350.00 per hour (with 50 additional edits)


  • $40 PER HOUR

Rehearsal Dinner

  • $350.00 per hour (not including sales tax or travel fees)


  • $450.00 (not including sales tax and travel/date fees)
  • your choice of 50 edited photos


30 minute session

  • starting price: $350 (not including sales tax and travel/date fees)
  • 1 locations + 1 outfit
  • choice of 30 edited photos

60 minute session

  • starting price: $550 (not including sales tax and travel/date fees)
  • up to 2 locations + 2 outfits
  • choice of 50 edited photos

Photo Information

All unedited photos will be downloadable via a sharable link that I will send 1-2 weeks after the wedding date. This could take longer depending on your album size and my wifi availability. I upload every photo taken during the day regardless of my quality, because I want my wedding clients to have the opportunity to keep EVERY memory I capture! Imperfections and all! These are not RAW photo and cannot be edited. They will be smaller in size than the photos in your completed wedding album. They are proofs and will have a watermark in the corner. When you receive the unedited photo folder link, you will click the heart on the photos that you want me to edit for your wedding album. You will be asked to enter your email address and the list of photos will be sent directly to me to edit. PLEASE send me a message via text or email as soon as you are finished choosing your favorites so I can get to work on them ASAP.

After you notify me that you are finished "hearting" all of your chosen edited photos, it will take me 4-8 weeks to send you your edited folder depending on your package size. This will take longer if you forget to message me that you have finished choosing- so don't forget!

Edited photos can be added to your given edited count for $10 per extra photo.

*I am a natural-light photographer. I only use flash equipment during night receptions. I can only edit skin blemishes, hair frays, and background objects out of photos. I cannot photoshop a fake background, fix major wardrobe malfunctions, tan your skin, paint/manicure fingernails, or recolor objects like water or trees to make them look different from what they were when they were shot.

You will be given a print release upon request to use at any printing establishment

When do I get my edited photos back? How do I choose my edits?

The unedited photo folder will be uploaded about 1-3 weeks after your wedding day (or sooner). This all depends on how many photos I take and the quality of wifi speed that I have. On average, I take around 5,000 photos and I have to upload them in groups to avoid my website crashing.

Once I send your unedited folder link, click on it and then enter your email and all of the photos will appear.

I recommend viewing and choosing your photos on a computer and not your phone!

At the top of each photo, you will see the icons below

Click the “heart” icon to add the photo to your list of photos that you want me to edit and enter your email address when it asks you for it. YOU MUST TEXT ME “DONE” WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR EDITS LIST SO I KNOW WHEN TO START WORKING ON THEM. MY NUMBER IS 870-456-0656

To download your entire edited folder to your computer, click the button below at the home page of your album. You can do the same when you receive your fully edited album!

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