I am so excited and honored!

Thank you so very much for trusting me to capture your special day! I am truly so thrilled to work with you and your fiancé!

I created this page to give you more detailed information about EVERYTHING just so you can have it in writing.

Deposit Payment

There are two ways to pay your retainer.

The first is to mail a check to PO BOX 151 Ulm, AR 72170 written to "Pics by Paige S."

The second is to pay with a debit or credit card. There will be a 3.5% processing fee added onto the deposit amount.



$350.00 per hour (not including sales tax or travel fees)


$300.00 total


$350.00 per hour


The trailers above are NOT the full wedding films- trailers are included with every package and are edited with copyright-free music so you can share on social media. The full wedding videos are 20+ minutes long (depending on the package that you choose) and are edited to music of YOUR choice. They cannot be posted on social media because it would be a copyright violation.

The full video and trailer will be delivered to you on a Motion Book. All wedding videography packages come with a choice of three basic designs that you can choose from. If you would like to upgrade your Motion Book, you can custom create a design!

Motion Books allow you to incorporate your wedding memories into your everyday life in a physical form rather than just being limited to enjoy on a computer or cell phone. It’s a perfect decoration for your coffee table or bookshelf to bring out to enjoy whenever you want! It’s ready to be played 24/7 with a beautiful and simplistic presentation.

For the full wedding video you receive a 20 - 90 minute video that is edited with music of the couple's choice. The length of the video depends on the content filmed throughout the day as well as the package that is chosen. For example, not every couple decides to do a first look or first dance, or decides to have a reception. Some couples have longer ceremonies and experiences throughout the day that produce longer scenes.

Full wedding films can take me around 6-8 months to edit because I care so dearly about them (videos are my absolute favorite). Your trailer should be completed around 3-6 weeks or less after your wedding day.